Clash of the Cichlids- CCY Cichlid Show

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             YES!!  We do talks for Tropical Fish Clubs!!!

                      Check out our video and see what fun we have!  Enjoy!!

  King and Queen Cichlids is your one stop for “everything cichlid” information center. At King and Queen Cichlids we will keep you informed about the latest cichlid happenings, meeting conventions and events. We will also direct you to the stores with the best cichlid inventory in the North East area (from VA to NY) as well as the best cichlid distributors online to purchase from. If that’s not enough we will review stores we visit, products we use and meetings/events that we attend. King and Queen Cichlids will also have a modest inventory of show worthy cichlids for sale. There will be a bi monthly newsletter coming out as well as weekly blogs on cichlid happenings. To top it off we will have contests, give aways as well as group road trips!! And this is just the beginning!!!

 Who are we???

Scott Mclaughlin has been keeping fish for over 40 years. He was introduced to fish keeping by his parents who had a 55 gallon tank filled with gold fish when he was young. His interest in keeping tropical fish grew as he got older which included saving his allowance for months so he could buy fish tanks for his room. By his early teens Scott had kept various tropical fish from guppies, tetras and his eventual main focus “cichlids”.

The first cichlid Scott kept was an Oscar which spurred him on to try many other cichlid species. The cichlids intelligence and breeding behaviors really caught Scott’s attention which led to his life long study and appreciation of cichlids.

Today Scott is a proud member of the American Cichlid Association team. He also created the Cichlid Club of York PA where he stood as President for over 4 years. Scott has written many articles for various publications and continues to write, edit and run the very popular Cichlid Chronicles Newsletter that comes out bi-monthly. You can find Scott at various fish events around the country.


 Check back with us weekly as we are traveling to new stores, meetings and conventions every day!  King and Queen Cichlids is less about a business and more about the hobby we love and  our travels from place to place and the wonderful collection of cichlids we pick up.  We will also review the stores we go giving them a grade from 1-10 on location, selection of cichlids, customer service, health of cichlids and pricing.  If that's not enough we will give you a list of all upcoming cichlid/tropical fish events so that you can attend as well.  We will make public our plans on attending various conventions, shows and stores so if you would like to pick something up for you we will do it for a small fee.  You've come to the right place gang!  Now let us make your cichlid dreams come true!!

- Scott Mclaughlin

                        See our interview with Nature Talk!

       Why US?

Because we do this for the love of cichlids you are assured healthy cichlids with enthusiastic service.  Because we both work and have successful occupations outside the hobby we are able to sell our cichlids at reasonable prices with less focus on profit and more focus on healthy cichlids and happy customers.  Can't find a specific cichlid?  Contact us and we will find your cichlid.  We want to make all your cichlid dreams come true!!

- Elizabeth Napier

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